Jan 6, 2009

CIRCUS CIRCUS "Brooklyn Nightlife" Named One of 2008's Lasting Albums By Rockfreaks

Rock Freaks describes the year-end feature as a list of "records that each writer thinks they will take with them from 2008 to carry on them for the rest of their lives, or in other words, albums that made the biggest impact on each writer... These are albums that anyone serious about music should own regardless of their normal genre affiliation, as they represent the 'impact' albums as chosen by each of our writers - as you know, great music exists in all genres, you just have to be able to find it."

Regarding Brooklyn Nightlife, they had this to say:
While Circus Circus may not be the band that picked up the most hype or the biggest headlines in 08, they sure as fuck blew my mind, and if you give "Brooklyn Nightlife" a chance, they should blow yours too. The debut album is as raw and untamed melody as guitars can produce, delivered with the energy of a fusion plant and the passion and energy only the truest of punk rock bands can deliver. Sure it's hard to make out the screamed lyrics and sure it's similar stuff for the whole album, but by God I can't remember hearing an album that ever brizzled with energy the way this does. If you want to feel electricity surging through your body, this is the next best thing to being struck by lightning."

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