Oct 29, 2009

Listen to an Inteview with TEXAS IN JULY's Logan Maurer

Check out this interview with Logan over at InsideHeavy.com where they talk about their new CD, I Am, how the band got started and more!

Oct 15, 2009

CI to Release AUGUST BURNS RED Christmas 7" and GWEN STACY 7"

CI is excited to announce two new releases, the first is a limited edition Christmas single by AUGUST BURNS RED featuring the band's previously unreleased cover of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel along with their classic rendition of Carol of the Bells! The single is limited to just 1000 copies and won't last long! To make it even more collectible, 400 copies will be pressed on Green vinyl, 400 copies on Red vinyl and just 200 copies on split Red and Green vinyl!!! Preorder your copies at our webstore!!!

In addition, we will be releasing a single from GWEN STACY to commemorate their new album "A Dialogue" on SolidState! The single features to album tracks and an exclusive, unheard demo track! Preorder now at our webstore!!!

Both records will be in stores Nov 10th, but web orders will ship as soon as we have the singles!!!

Oct 1, 2009

CI Records Owner Jeremy Weiss to Speak at Dewey Beach Music Conference

CI founder Jeremy Weiss will be speaking this weekend at the Dewey Beach Music Conference in Dewey Beach, DE. If you're in the area, pop on over and say hello! Deals on all CI Records titles can be found at the CI Records booth at the tradeshow!
For more information, visit: deweybeachfest.com/dbmc/

Sep 29, 2009

CI Records teams up with Rock Gamer Studio to bring content to RockBand!

CI Records has teamed up with Rock Gamer Studios to provide exclusive CI artist content to the Rock Band Network!!!

Look for tracks available to play from TEXAS IN JULY, CIRCUS CIRCUS and SADAHARU with more to come!

For the official announcement, click here.

Sep 15, 2009

TEXAS IN JULY "I Am" Available NOW!!!

TEXAS IN JULY's debut full length, I Am, is available NOW in stores, on iTunes and, of course, via our webstore!

Also, check out the band on Indie Vision Music's "Under the Radar" feature at: www.indievisionmusic.com.
You can download the song "Elements" for FREE!

Jul 14, 2009

AUGUST BURNS RED "Constellations" in stores TODAY!

CI Records alumni AUGUST BURNS RED have released their anticipated new album Constellations! The record is in stores EVERYWHERE and available on iTunes and others. Get a copy now!!!

Jul 13, 2009


On Friday July 10th, CI Records’ artists Texas In July and An Early Ending were involved in a major accident while traveling to perform in Springfield, MO on a tour stop. The van containing both bands and their tour manager was struck when a driver crossed the center line with her vehicle, after allegedly suffering a fatal heart attack, thus initiating the accident.

All the passengers suffered differing levels of injury, some minor but manageable, while others were airlifted to a hospital 55 miles away. Miraculously, the only fatality in the accident was the driver of the vehicle that initiated the accident. However, three members of An Early Ending and the tour manager for both bands remain hospitalized.

While full recoveries are expected, the physical and emotional trauma experienced by all involved is extensive, and we ask for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for all involved and their families in this difficult time.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to help out with medical costs, travel expenses for family members needing to travel, or replacing valuable personal effects lost in the accident may do so by PayPal: aeetijdonations@gmail.com

The members of Texas in July and some members of an Early Ending will be returning home in the next day or two. Those that remain hospitalized are in the loving companionship of family, and the extraordinary care of the St. John's hospital in Springfield, MO.

Thank you, from the families of both bands.

Jun 15, 2009

AUGUST BURNS RED posts track from new album!

CI Alum, AUGUST BURNS RED have posted the first track from their forthcoming record Constellations on their myspace page.

Click here to check it out.

Constellations hits stores July 14 on Solid State Records.

Jan 6, 2009

CIRCUS CIRCUS "Brooklyn Nightlife" Named One of 2008's Lasting Albums By Rockfreaks

Rock Freaks describes the year-end feature as a list of "records that each writer thinks they will take with them from 2008 to carry on them for the rest of their lives, or in other words, albums that made the biggest impact on each writer... These are albums that anyone serious about music should own regardless of their normal genre affiliation, as they represent the 'impact' albums as chosen by each of our writers - as you know, great music exists in all genres, you just have to be able to find it."

Regarding Brooklyn Nightlife, they had this to say:
While Circus Circus may not be the band that picked up the most hype or the biggest headlines in 08, they sure as fuck blew my mind, and if you give "Brooklyn Nightlife" a chance, they should blow yours too. The debut album is as raw and untamed melody as guitars can produce, delivered with the energy of a fusion plant and the passion and energy only the truest of punk rock bands can deliver. Sure it's hard to make out the screamed lyrics and sure it's similar stuff for the whole album, but by God I can't remember hearing an album that ever brizzled with energy the way this does. If you want to feel electricity surging through your body, this is the next best thing to being struck by lightning."

Click here to purchase Brooklyn Nightlife.