Sep 29, 2008

CI Records Webstore Deals!

Time to start thinking about the holidays, and CI Records wants to help you out. For the time being, we've packaged together some Combo-Deals in our webstore. Think of them as a music Extra Value Meal™, but without all the calories!

Click HERE to check out the current specials featuring artists like: AUGUST BURNS RED, SADAHARU, SENSE FIELD, ALBERT REACT, and JEFF CAUDILL!!!

Click HERE to download a FREE digital sampler of our artists!

Sep 25, 2008

CI Records Invades Dewey Beach

For those of you in the DE, MD, VA, PA, NJ, etc area - make sure you check out the Dewey Beach Music Conference this weekend where CI Records will be in attendance! Pick up CI Releases for super cheap at our tradeshow table and come check out the bossman, Jeremy Weiss, speaking on two different panels - "Meet The Talent Buyers" on Friday, and the "Demo Derby" on Saturday!!!

With tons of informative panels and exciting new bands to check out Dewey Beach is the place to be this weekend, which, of course, is exactly why CI will be there!

Sep 24, 2008

Praise For CIRCUS CIRCUS' album Brooklyn Nightlife

Check out what people have been saying about CIRCUS CIRCUS debut album, Brooklyn Nightlife:

“In a year of exceedingly over-hyped crap, Brooklyn Nightlife deserves every piece of praise it receives and provides a nice reminder that there are still bands out there that can create unique music and kick ass doing it… These guys aren't going to stay small for long.” –Absolute Punk

"Imagine a band with the intensity of UNDEROATH, the emotion of RITES OF SPRING, the tongue-in-cheek insanity of THE BLOOD BROTHERS, the sense of ripping melody of ALEXISONFIRE and the tendency to pack almost as much good stuff into their songs as THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and you might have yourself a vague idea of what
CIRCUS CIRCUS sound like. 9/10” -RockFreaks

"Brooklyn Nightlife is definitely one of the best and most original post-hardcore releases I have heard in 2008 and one of those rare albums that will have a longer life-cycle in my CD-player… A rock solid debut.” -HardcoreSounds

“If you're going to call it post-hardcore then go ahead, but get this straight: these guys aren't a carbon copy… I truthfully cannot find a bad thing about Brooklyn Nightlife. It's consistent, the musicianship is outstanding, and the vocals are even better. If you enjoy this kind of post-hardcore, hardcore, or whatever you want to call it, then
CIRCUS CIRCUS has the perfect album for you.” - -Highbeam Review

“This is quite impressive stuff… If you're looking for something honest, raw, aggressive and fucking good you should pick this record up in double quick time.” –Punktastic

“Good stuff... CIRCUS CIRCUS should be at the top of the heap.” –Aiding & Abetting

“Thundering double-bass breakdowns and jerky, angular guitar riffs [accompanied by] pop melodies that make for an intoxicating cocktail.” –Fly Magazine

Check out a sample mp3 of the song India:

Pick up a copy now! Stop by your local record store, purchase it on iTunes, or swing by our webstore!

Sep 23, 2008

THE PINK SPIDERS "Sweat It Out" In Stores Now

Sweat It Out, the long awaited new album from CI alumni THE PINK SPIDERS is now available in stores! The SPIDERS have really out done themselves with this bombastic rock and roll record. So go pick up a copy, and make sure you check out our webstore to get a copy of their debut release, Hot Pink!

Sep 22, 2008

Free CI Records Digital Sampler Available For Download

Click here to download the CI Records mixtape which contains FREE tracks from CI Records artists such as THE PINK SPIDERS, ONCE NOTHING, SADAHARU, CIRCUS CIRCUS, TEXAS IN JULY and more!

Pass this link around to your friends and help them fill up their iPod with CI artists!